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Inner peace

What is the purpose of life? I've been trying to find a meaningful conclusion. Biology and evolution say it is to pass on our genes, but to a conscious person, or me at least, it seems unfulfilling. Einstein said, "only a life lived for others is a life worth living". Although that was my attempted philosophy, it is sometimes difficult to maintain when I may seem to be bent over backwards with my hands tied. Consciousness and our ability to experience events make us agents of purpose. We devise plans, create agendas, create structures. We anticipate the future to be prepared for the worst. But when we are in comfort and have the surplus to anticipate even further, we sometimes approach the anticipation of death. To me in the past, death seems to discredit all one's achievements, and I find it hard to battle against the idea of cashing out early. Even so, the pain that is attached to death produced enough resistance. That pain that would be inflicted upon myself, but m


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