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Drifting in the sea, how swift the colors be Tender as the wind would blow will my heart trapped in forever snow In the distance, the lavender blooms and grows All of world's beauty synthesized within it is a decor too great to be seen Its violets blossoms along the trim and in the center sits an ametrine Those who have seen it admire from below By the awe, they are all to be stunned into speechless crows Some rift away to forget and erase what's known but just one lingering piece could make it aglow Sit beside me, could I kindly ask May you one day grant me this wish in last List your feelings as you sew then that, I will leave satisfied and afloat Should you fly far and pave your path in the purple sky while me, I'll contently admire from far behind

A faithful attempt

"Write bad", while it definitely should not be an excuse, it is one way to move the ship along.  I haven't posted in more than 2 months, and it's mostly because of 'what's after "inner-peace"?' Everything within my facility seems so crucial yet insignificant. To do the things that I care about, I must go through the bland processes, and all I can do is to speed it along. Not to mention the things that I ponder about are beyond fiction, which is an indirect way to say incomplete... which is an indirect way to say wrong. For the past 2 months, I did write/start a couple posts, but just 30 minutes into each of them, I invalidate what I wrote/thought, thinking, "That's probably wrong, why am I stupid (lol) " The titles to my unwritten blogs: The Unknown So much falls upon Excuses, excuses 1. "The Unknown", I was trying to put a finger on what is unknown to me, what is unknown to the academics, and what is unknown to the world.