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Still Churning

I'm finally doing it, I'm trading sleep for a blog.  Just for an update, for the last 4 months, I:  Learnt game hacking level 0.  Semi-learnt all of AP Chemistry Learnt game hacking level 1 Semi-learnt Assembly Got addicted to Loki then Rick and Morty Learnt game hacking level 2 Gave up game hacking Got addicted to movie summaries on Youtube Tried to learn about circuits and physics Got addicted to The Office Did an "easy" "summer internship program" See, if it is not software and typing, I can't produce. But anyways, back to the topic. The occasion is that I'm hosting a meetup for a blog which is not mine tomorrow, called Astral Codex Ten. And since I have actually only read titles of their blog posts for 3 months, I just "speed-read" 1  all of it in ~2 hours 2 . After binging TV-shows, at least now I binged a blog. With 4 months worth of thoughts trapped in my head, together with binging tens of thousands of words, I finally chose to writ