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Just Typing

 I'm pulling an all-nighter, making the time of writing very costly, but I am not productive :). So, I might as well write a blog :D. Today, I want to capture my initial view about university, undergrad. For the first couple of weeks, I conclude that it is just High School, but you pay more for less just so that you can prove you can do with less. Since then, the characteristics grew with the addition of:  being a series of well-tuned stepping stones towards real life in cities slotting people into competency (and ~wealth) ranks -> gather people with similar interest and minds a designated place for learning and exploration (so to constantly remind people of the goal, and push them forward regardless of anything). train people in specialized professions remove a substantial amount of friction from normal life (food, work, indecisive futures...) So universities, or at least mine, are the easy gradient route compared to being plopped into society. And I actually have things to do,