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Plans for my upcoming future

Last week was the adjustrary phase for my new schedule. I have 7 courses, and trying to get into a club with a workload of 15 hours. I slowed down on this Thursday and Friday, but still got the minimal done. There are still a lot of asterisks to graduating in a year. Even if I can do it, it isn't necessary the best course of action. Just like how I went into college to potentially get into a higher job position, taking another year of college might extend my reach in the job hierarchy.  I wrote an incomplete blog post last week trying to talk myself through some challenges I had with coding my OS. This week, I want to figure out the vague details (oxymoron :) )to my schedule. My class schedule is more or less finalized* 1 , And I have figured that my Saturdays and Sundays should not be class related to forcibly make room for additional learning. If I get into SEDS, then those days are for SEDS. If not, I will read through the textbooks for the classes of MAE 3, MAE 30B, MAE 131A,

Jordon Peterson woke me up

It is funny how unproductive my last year has been. Reasons for it are countless, but my spiral into no-work-land can be easily described: I watch around 4 - 6 hours of YouTube every day, play Rocket League for  2 - 3 hours, try to work for another hour, and the rest is left to food, cleanliness, and sleep. Oh god did I make it easy for myself to describe my life in the past year. Well, to make myself feel better/worse, this schedule does morph into "only" 3 hours of Youtube and a deleted Rocket League during a week before Finals, but I don't think that constitutes anything. All this had given me a 3.914 GPA, and a half Junior standing at UCSD. Writing this brief description of my life makes me disgusted at myself, and here I am turning to what had worked before to try to correct my path. Reasons for my downfall What didn't help was the discontinuation of this blog. I stopped writing when I went to UCSD because I thought it was a waste of time: I kept writing about wh