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Violet - Wild Party

Didn't Suceed

 It turns out that I could not handle 6 classes, a job, and a school club that occupies the whole weekend. What is interesting is that it took me 6 weeks to realize this. There are many things that made it hard for me to accept surrender: When I'm falling behind, I would just think I am not trying hard enough and should just try harder. For certain things/subjects, it is very easy to catch up, but I don't know which these subjects are and would assess it wrong It is very easy for me to seek inefficiencies I perform throughout the day -> there's definitely room to improve I am stubborn, and I do not want to choose quitting as an option Although I am now admitting that it was too much for me to handle, I still firmly believe that if I had better time management and focus, this workload is at least sustainable for a quarter. Tricks for efficient work that I have picked up during this time includes sleep when can't focus, don't eat carbs/be full during the day, value