Drifting in the sea, how swift the colors be
Tender as the wind would blow
will my heart trapped in forever snow
In the distance, the lavender blooms and grows

All of world's beauty synthesized within
it is a decor too great to be seen
Its violets blossoms along the trim
and in the center sits an ametrine

Those who have seen it admire from below
By the awe, they are all to be stunned into speechless crows
Some rift away to forget and erase what's known
but just one lingering piece could make it aglow

Sit beside me, could I kindly ask
May you one day grant me this wish in last
List your feelings as you sew
then that, I will leave satisfied and afloat

Should you fly far and pave your path in the purple sky
while me, I'll contently admire from far behind


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